A Brief Guide To Modems For Beginners

A modem is a simple and yet highly important device. That’s because it is needed to help us connect to the internet.

It looks like a tiny box that translates the data sent to it and displays it on your PC. Information sent over cable lines and phones is analog waves. A modem takes the analog waves, changes them to digital, and delivers them to your PC. In simple words, your modem helps you to connect to the internet.

Whenever buying a modem make sure that it is compatible with your device and operating system. Not just that, but it should also be supported by your internet provider. For example, if you are a Mediacom subscriber, then you need modems that work with Mediacom.

Different Types of Modems

Modems can be of different types. Before you set out to get a new one, you must know the types available.

1. Cable modems

This type of modem is known to use coaxial cables. One end of the cable connects to your cable box or wall and the other end is connected to the back of the modem. For high speeds, cable internet and modems are a great option.

2. DSL

DSL can either connect to your computer or an external modem. Unlike a dial-up connection, you can still access the internet while talking on the phone when using DSL.

3. Dial-Up

This is perhaps the oldest form of internet connection. It connects to your ISP with phone lines. The main problem with these types of models is that they are very slow. If you have a single phone like, you won’t be able to access the internet while talking on the phone.

Modem Vs Router

A modem helps you to connect your devices to the internet using cables. It uses a wired connection and works independently. You can also pair it with a router, which is needed for Wi-Fi connectivity. A router helps in bringing the internet wirelessly to devices.

In short, modems and routers play together. Instead of buying both the devices separately, you can get a modem and router combo. These are hybrid devices that act as both routers and modems.

To enjoy a strong internet connection, you need a reliable modem. Depending on your requirements, you can select the type of modem you need. No matter what modem you buy it should be compatible with your device and OS.

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